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Jewelry Repair Service

It happens every day. You lose an earring, break a pendant, dent a bracelet, or loose the back off of the brooch. However, often times, the jewelry we have broken is a favorite piece that we simply don't want to throw away. The good news is you don't have to.

We are glad to announce we are accepting jewelry repairs for 14k gold, sterling silver and gold-filled jewelry. Ring sizing, chain repair, prong repair, and clasp repair. We also do beaded repairs. 

Fine Jewelry Services: Necklaces- link repair, shortening or lengthening, clasp replacement, Advance & basic chain repair.

Rings- Resizing, Polishing, Prong service, stone mounting and setting.

Bracelets- Resizing, Polishing 

Earrings- Polishing, Engraving, Mounting, Post-backs, Screw-backs

Pearls- Cleaning Gluing, Pearl drilling, Restring with or without knots (see below for detail on pearls)


BBB is pleased to accept most stringing and knotting repairs that involve beads.

When we accept a repair from you, you will receive a written estimate of time and cost.  Please stop by during our business hours and let us assist you with your beaded jewelry repairs.


Michele Ng experiences a broken necklace. Learn fashion, beauty, craft and lifestyle by:  Michele Ng

Stringing Repairs: that require you to leave your piece with us involves a flat rate charge of $20.00 per hour, with a 15-minute (or $6.00) minimum for each repair.  Restring on Beadalon wire and crimp bead, and crimp covers.


That require you to leave your piece with us involves a flat rate charge of $20.00 per hour, with a 15-minute (or $12.00) minimum for each repair.  Restring on silk cord and finish off with french wire.

Please be certain to inspect your repair immediately upon pickup.

How do I Care for Pearls?

A  When properly cared for, pearls can last a lifetime.  The best way to care for pearls is to wear them often, as the body's natural oils keep pearls lustrous.  It's best you keep perfume, makeup, and hairspray away.  Chemicals found in these products tend to dull the luster of your beautiful pearls. 

It is highly recommended that you put your pearls on last when getting ready, and make them the first thing you take off when you're back home.  Before you store them away, wipe them with a soft cloth and store them separately from your other jewelry to avoid scratching their tender surfaces.

Q   How should I clean my pearls? 

A  After every wear, you should wipe the pearls with a soft cloth.  Microfiber or soft cotton cloths are good candidates.  If you want to wash your pearl, only use mild soap and water.  Never use harsh cleaners. 

How should I store my jewelry? 


A Some pros prefer lined drawers, where "everything is laid out and partitioned off," especially if it's fine jewelry.  Keep jewelry pieces separate and ideally wrapped in velvet, silk bag or a plastic zip-lock bag.  

Old frame and a piece of screen can be used to create an earring display.  Another option is to use burlap or, vintage boxes, and muffin tins.  Get more ideas for jewelry organization. 


We know how watches and timepieces are valuable collectibles and sentimental.  Which is why repairing a broken one is an important option for those interested in keeping their valued pieces in working order.

Watch Services:  Complete Maintenance - Battery Replacement, Polish, New Straps or Adjustment, Engraving, Cleaning, Strap & Bracelet Adjustment
Mechanical Watches- Manual wand, Automatic (self wind) Pocket watch 60's and newer, Pocket watch, Antique, Timer, Rolex and other High Grades
Gold case, diamond encrusted case and Mechanical Chronograph

Quartz Analog Watches, Quartz Retrofit, Seiko Kinetic and Citizen Eco-Drive, Perpetual Calender, Bulova Accutron Tuning Fork, Crystals, Miscellaneous

Sending Us your Jewelry for Repair 

lease contact us by phone 866.894.BEAD or via-email   info@bonitabeadboutique.com 

If your interested in an exact cost for materials, and labor we ask that you email us a digital image of your jewelry piece.  Measure and describe your piece of jewelry so we can give you an accurate cost. 

When your jewelry has arrived we will inspect, and make notes of work order then follow emailing you the details.

We may make suggestions to enhance the beauty of your piece of jewelry, but only make changes upon your approval.  Once your jewelry is completed we will email you a photo of finished piece and have invoice attached.  All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment. 
For your convenience we now use You pay safely online directly from our QuickBooks online invoice.  

Your order will be wrapped with your original zip-lock bags, plus we will add bubble wrap, and tissue paper to overlay.  We will add a note of thanks and if any special instructions.  Enclose will be a receipt of your payment. 



We do our best to get orders out to you soon!  So we are glad to announce all orders going First Class US Domestic are FREE 
Orders are filled Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm EST

If you perfer Priority Domestic shipping fee will be $4.95

There are no refunds on repair services or custom work.  If you are unhappy please let us know within 2 weeks of shipment date our mission is to keep all of our guests happy!  We will do what we can to make it what you want.


Jim Hjelm creates beautiful wedding dresses view Spring 2013 Collection

Customers bring us broken or worn-out jewelry and/or new materials to be made into finished jewelry.  This is actually custom work. Custom work is the re-design and/or re-working of one or more pieces of existing jewelry and/or new materials. 

When BBB is designing jewelry for  your bridal party we always encourage brides and bridesmaids to bring in your color swatch to ensure the perfect match or color type. 

We are also please to design beaded bridal jewelry the benefit of BBB making your jewelry is that you will always have exactly what you want.  We can coordinate each member of the wedding party's jewelry, so that bridesmaids, flower-girls, mothers of both bride and groom, all work together.

You can make your own gifts to give your bridesmaids, or even little thank you gifts for the people who helped in special little ways.  You can even have a beading party with
your friends each bride-maid make her own necklace.    

This is a great way to cut the cost of the wedding: you can always make things for less than it costs to buy them ready made! 

There are a lot of different designs from traditional to
contemporary.    Let BBB custom design your bridal jewelry.  For more details call us to schedule an appointment.

   Guide for the right standard necklace lengths


One thing you need to know when you want to buy a necklace is your neck size. Too loose or too tight is not actually good for your look. Try it on and adjust its length to get a common length necklace for yourself, a common recommendation for standard necklace length.

Just remember that necklace length will determine whether it falls on your chest or not. If you want to put on a pendant, choose to one that not too long, the standard necklace length might be the best. The pendent will definitely make its longer. With the artisan crafted necklaces, it was made with extenders which easily allow you to adjust your own necklace to your neck size. With this ability, you can fit it with many of your outfit.

Choker necklace with 14-16 inches long

The level of choker necklace is at the collarbones. It will highlight your neckline therefore, with a simple accessory or gemstone you can use it with almost every dresses. Just not use it with high or turtle necks. Choker is the right choice for wedding event, either for the bride or bridesmaid.

Princess necklace with 17-19 inches long

Princess necklace is hanged over the collarbones. It is the most popular necklace length, with pendants, locker or other ornaments, it will just right to represent your own characteristic. With these standard necklace lengths, the necklace can go with any event, from afternoon break to evening event, to enhance your dress and personality.

Matinee necklace with 20-24 inches long

At this length, the necklace will fall to the top of your chest. This necklace length is an easy going necklace. With variety of the pendants, this necklace can be use in many occasions from informal to formal events. Get the right dress for each occasion and go with this necklace length for your best look.

Opera necklace with 28-34 inches long

With this length, it is possible to wear a necklace as a single, double or triple strand necklace.  With its variety, you can wear it from day to evening without any change. The opera necklace is also suitable for many dress type, with variety of material use.

Ultra-Long necklace with 45+ inches long

With this length, consider as the ultra-long standard necklace lengths, can matched easily with many dress and outfit. You can wear it as a single necklace with its full length, or wrapping up to make one long strand with multiple short strands, depend on your dress style. Things you have to keep in mind when you choose this ultra-long necklace is its weight. Check its weight before you take one for yourself, make sure that you can carry the necklace with you whenever you wear it, and just go for it.

Lariat necklace with 46+ inches long

The longest necklace you can have, the lariat necklace. This one would bring a romantic necklace style to you. It is best to use this necklace with a low neckline or shoulder off style dress, to represent your style at special events/evening.